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What Access Home Covers that Others Don’t

Owning a home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make. Because of this, having homeowners insurance is a practical necessity, and usually a requirement under any mortgage agreement.

Access Home Insurance Company (Access Home) knows just how important it is to get adequate coverage for your home and other assets. We work closely with our agents to tailor each policy to meet the specific needs of our policyholders. Aside from the usual coverage for the structure of the home and its contents, Access Home also provides coverage for some risks and services that other insurance companies don’t offer.


Pool with slide and diving board

Coverage for Homeowners with pool slides, diving boards and trampolines

Many homes in the southern region of the United States have pools.  Homeowners are typically turned down for coverage if their pools have slides or diving boards.  Outdoor trampolines are another high risk item that insurance companies typically turn down as well.  With liability excluded, you can still obtain a homeowners policy with Access Home and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.



Coverage for Homeowners with exotic pets and animalsHomeowners Insurance with Dogs

Access Home will provide coverage for homeowners with dogs, even certain types of ‘vicious’ breeds (Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweiler’s, etc.) exotic pets, and saddle animals.  These policies exclude liability coverage for these types of animals, allowing policyholders to secure important homeowners insurance coverage AND keep their pets.



Lapse in Coverage

A lapse is a termination in coverage that occurs due to not making a timely premium payment. If your homeowners’ insurance policy lapses, you will have no coverage in the event of a claim.  The majority of carriers with preferred rates will not take you on as a customer, if you have experienced a lapse in coverage.  Not Access Home – we can provide homeowners insurance up to policyholders who experienced up to a 90 day lapse in coverage.


Online Bill Pay

Simplify your life with online bill pay.  Pay your monthly premium from one place online and no registration is necessary.  All you need is your policy number, mailing zip code and last name of the policyholder.

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