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Don’t Let Your Thanksgiving Go Up In Flames

Posted on: November 20th, 2015 by Access Home Insurance No Comments


Approximately 15 deaths and $27 million in property damages are caused by Turkey friers every year.

Use our tips to keep your home and family safe:

1-Don’t fry inside your home, garage, on a porch or deck. Keep the frier at least 30 feet from anything flammable.

2-Read the frier instructions carefully.

3-Be sure your turkey is totally defrosted and dry before you fry (oil and water don’t mix).

4-Use the correct amount of oil.

5-Always wear heat proof mitts or gloves.

6-Keep pets and kids far away from the frier!

7-Be sure to completely turn off the fuel tank when you’re finished.


Source: NFPA, US Fire Administration.

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