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Alligator Safety

Posted on: June 15th, 2016 by DougM No Comments

In light of the tragic alligator attack in Orlando, we are sharing some information on these potentially dangerous animals.


What is Considered a Nuisance Alligator?

Not all alligators are considered nuisance alligators.  The mere presence of an alligator does not qualify it as a nuisance, even if it is located in an unexpected place.  Most alligators, if left alone, will move on.  Alligators less than 4 feet in length are naturally fearful of humans and are generally not a threat to pets, livestock or humans.  Alligators at least 4 feet in length that present a threat to pets, livestock or humans are considered “nuisance” alligators.  The following information should help you determine if an alligator may pose a threat to you, your pets/livestock or your property.


Determine Whether an Alligator is a Nuisance

For more information:


Source: TX Parks and Wildlife Department, LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.



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