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Alligator Safety

Posted on: June 15th, 2016 by Access Home Insurance No Comments

In light of the tragic alligator attack in Orlando, we are sharing some information on these potentially dangerous animals.


What is Considered a Nuisance Alligator?

Not all alligators are considered nuisance alligators.  The mere presence of an alligator does not qualify it as a nuisance, even if it is located in an unexpected place.  Most alligators, if left alone, will move on.  Alligators less than 4 feet in length are naturally fearful of humans and are generally not a threat to pets, livestock or humans.  Alligators at least 4 feet in length that present a threat to pets, livestock or humans are considered “nuisance” alligators.  The following information should help you determine if an alligator may pose a threat to you, your pets/livestock or your property.


Determine Whether an Alligator is a Nuisance

For more information:


Source: TX Parks and Wildlife Department, LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.



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