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It’s National Safety Month!

National Safety Month LogoEach June, the National Safety Council encourages organizations and the community to participate in National Safety Month (NSM). The goal of NSM is to educate and influence behaviors which can result in preventable injuries and deaths.

This year’s theme, “Safety: It takes all of us,” focuses on spotting hazards early, evaluating their risk and removing or controlling them before harm is done.

Natural disasters, fires or other catastrophic events can disrupt your life with little or no notice. We often hear how important it is to be prepared, especially in states where natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes occur more frequently.  Sadly, we just as often hear about those who ignore warnings or are unprepared.

At Access Home Insurance Company (Access Home), we encourage policyholders to become advocates for safety in their homes by making simple lifestyle changes to better recognize hazards, prevent injuries, and generally be prepared.  Here are a few steps you can take to help keep you and your family safe:


  1. Make sure you have a properly working fire extinguisher and smoke alarm in your home
  2. Remove any slip, trip and fall hazards in and around your home.  This includes securing electrical cords out of traffic areas, and fixing any areas that are damaged such as walkways and stairs.
  3. Have an emergency supply kit on hand. For details, refer to How to Create an Emergency Supply Kit.
  4. Develop an emergency response plan.  Make sure everyone in your household understands what needs to be done should a catastrophe occur.

The National Safety Council has a wealth of resources available to both businesses and consumers to assist you in spreading the word on safety.  Visit online for more safety tips, downloadable checklists and safety posters to place in your home.