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Freezing Temperatures Expected Later This Week

Freezing weather is due to move into the central, southern and eastern United States this week.
Freezing temperatures will spread as far south as New Orleans and surrounding areas Thursday evening into Friday morning. A second hard freeze will hit New Orleans and surrounding areas on Friday evening/Saturday morning.
Residents along the Gulf Coast should be prepared for freezing temperatures Thursday and Friday evenings.
Cold air is expected to remain in place across the central, southern and eastern US through at least mid-December.
In addition to the cold temperatures that are forecast for the end of this week, snow and ice may accompany the cold between December 15th and December 20th across the Deep South states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.
Please be sure to winterize your home and take the proper precautions with any plants or crops. Please make sure all pets and or farm animals are sheltered from the cold.

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If you choose to use space heaters, please be aware of the risks associated with these devices and use the proper precautions to avoid a catastrophe:

-Keep the heater away from curtains, furniture, rugs and other flammable objects and flammable liquids/fuel.
-Keep pets and small children away from space heaters.
-Inspect the wiring to make sure the cord and plug are in tact.
-Make sure the area is properly ventilated to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
-Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to safely use your space heater.
Forecast information provided by Crown Weather Services.