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Five Homeowner Tips to Avoid Halloween Horror

Halloween Image MishapsIt’s that time again and trick-or-treaters will soon be knocking on your door looking for candy, and homeowners looking to get in on the Halloween spirit need to know about potential risks.

Here’s a look at 4 insurance risks associated with Halloween and tips on how to avoid them:

1. Trick-or-Treater Slips and Falls

Trick-or-treating can be really exciting! So exciting, that sometimes little trick-or-treaters run, trip, and fall.

Fortunately, your Access Home Insurance residential homeowner policy provides liability coverage if someone is injured on your property.  The minimum coverage amount is $100,000 although your coverage limit may be higher. Check your policy or contact your agent for more information.

Tip: To prevent the likelihood of an accident, make sure your home is well lit and walkways are clear.


2. Candles or Decorations Cause a Fire

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, open-flamed jack-o-lanterns caused 15,500 fires in the last three years.

A fire started by a candle or a string of holiday lights is covered by your Access Home residential homeowner insurance policy.   If the fire makes your home unlivable, your policy will pay for your living expenses while you wait for repairs.

Tip:  Use battery-powered lights or flameless candles in your jack-o-lanterns.  If you do use candles, do not put matches, lighters, or candles in places children can reach.


3. Tricksters Damaging Your Home

If your decorations are carried off by thieves, your house is egged, or there is damage to your walls or siding, don’t worry.  Your Access Home insurance policy typically covers the cost of repairs from acts of vandalism, as long as the cost of repairs exceeds your policy deductible.

Tip:  Keep porch lights on later or consider investing in a motion-sensor lights that turn on when they detect motion nearby.


4.  Hosting a Haunted House

If you decide to turn your home into a haunted house open to visitors, Access Home recommends you limit admission to invited guests.  If an invited guest is injured at your “haunted house”, the same liability coverage described in Tip number 1 above applies.   However, if you charge admission, this is considered running a business in your home and your residential insurance policy does not offer coverage for any damages or injuries to paying guests.

Tip:  Contact your insurance agent to find out about a “special events” liability policy.

Halloween is a wonderful experience for both parents and children.  With proper planning, everyone should enjoy a fun, safe and memorable evening.