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Don’t wait for a named storm to review your homeowner’s insurance policy.

hurricaneKatrinapictureThe Atlantic hurricane season is about to enter the most active phase as conditions for powerful storms improve across the basin.  According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, the Atlantic season begins on June 1 and the most active portion falls between Aug. 20 and October. Sept. 10 and is the statistical peak of the period.  Now is the time to review your homeowners insurance and discuss coverage options with your agent.

What is covered?

Most standard storm insurance policies cover storm damage – except from flooding.  For protection against rising water, you will need flood insurance.  Most policies are provided by the federal National Flood Insurance program.  In some coastal regions, home insurance policies exclude damage from wind and hail, so a separate windstorm policy may be vital.

Contact your local agent for assistance; if you do not have an Access Home Insurance Company insurance policy, go to Find an Agent  on the Access Home Insurance Company website to find an agent near you.

Be prepared

Having an emergency response plan, storm kit with a NOAA weather radio, flashlight, batteries, and first-aid items, and a copy of your insurance plan are essential.  For a more comprehensive list and information on what to do just before a storm and after a storm, go to How to Prepare for a Hurricane and download a free hurricane checklist.

Source:  *Insurance Journal; August 14, 2013