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Access Home Insurance Top News of 2013

Access Home LogoCounting down to the most popular Access Home news posts of 2013, here are the top five that our audience found interesting.

1.  Access Home Receives Authorization to Assume Nearly 10,000 policies from Louisiana Citizens

Access Home Insurance Company (Access Home) formally announced in November that it had received authorization to assume nearly 10,000 policies and over $19 million in premium from Louisiana Citizens in the latest round of Depopulation. Read the press release.

2.  What Access Home Covers That Others Don’t

Access Home Insurance Company (Access Home) knows just how important it is to get adequate coverage for your home and other assets. We work closely with our agents to tailor each policy to meet the specific needs of our policyholders. Aside from the usual coverage for the structure of the home and its contents, Access Home also provides coverage for some risks and services that other insurance companies don’t offer. Read article.

3.  September is National Preparedness Month – Take the Pledge with Access Home

National Preparedness Month (NPM) is sponsored by the Ready Campaign in partnership with Citizen Corps and the Advertising Council. NPM is held each September to encourage Americans to make sure they are prepared for disasters or emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities.

Access Home Insurance Company encouraged homeowners and renters to make the pledge and commit to developing a home inventory of their possessions, make an emergency preparedness plan and inspire others to do the same. Read article.

4.  Struggling to find homeowner’s insurance with your loved canine?

Dog lovers will be glad to know that Access Home Insurance Company (Access Home) will provide coverage for homeowners with dogs, even certain types of ‘vicious’ breeds such as Pit Bulls, Dobermans, and Rottweiler’s.  Read article.

5.  5 Tips on Fireproofing Your Home

More cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year; many as a result of turkey frying, which has grown in popularity in recent years. Accidents and natural disasters can happen at any time during the year and there is little that can be done to protect against them. Fire, a major danger and the cause of billions of dollars of damage each year, is something that you can guard against.  This article discusses five tips you can do to help reduce the risk of fire throughout the fall and winter. Read article.