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Access Home Insurance Tips: Wind mitigation may save money on your homeowner’s insurance.

Storm Approaching Wind mitigation refers to the hardening of your home against damage from a windstorm. Policyholders who take the proper steps to make their homes more resistant to wind are eligible for substantial discounts off their homeowners insurance premium. However, an inspection performed by a certified wind mitigation inspector is required to take advantage of these savings.

The primary factor in wind mitigation discounts1 is the degree of wind-resistance employed by certain features of your home. These features may include the following:

wind mitigation graphic

Access Home Insurance recommends to consult your insurance agent for further information regarding wind mitigation discounts. We also encourage you to ask your agent what the possible impact is for using a particular type of roofing material or shape on your home before having a new roof built, or replaced. Having a roof made of material that will not compromise the home’s protection and overall structural integrity is a must for homeowners, especially if you live in a high-risk area that is prone to catastrophic events like hurricane’s, high winds, and tornado activity.

If you do not currently have an Access Home Insurance policy, please visit our website to find an agent near you.

1 These discounts apply only to the hurricane premium for both dwelling and contents.

2 Any home older than 2007 must have a Louisiana Hurricane Loss Mitigation Survey Form completed by a qualified professional that certifies all of the above requirements.