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Access Home Insurance Tips for a Positive Claims Experience

Damaged HouseThere are many reasons you might need to file a homeowners insurance claim – your home could be damaged by vandalism or a hurricane, or you could be the victim of theft. When you’re insured with Access Home Insurance, you have a team of professionals behind you, including claims representatives who specialize in helping you through difficult times. It’s important to know what to expect before filing a claim.  Below are six tips on how you can avoid a bad experience.

1. Make sure you read your insurance policy.

Your insurance policy explains all your rights and obligations, coverage limits on the home itself, other buildings on the property (such as a stand-alone garage or shed) and what’s inside your home.  Contact your agent if you have any questions about what is covered.

2. Take action to protect your property from any further damage.

If possible, cover an exposed hole in your roof with a tarp. Keep electricity turned off if there is standing water in the house and turn off the water main to your home in the event of a burst pipe. Do not make permanent repairs until an adjuster has inspected your home.

3. Report your claim by calling our 24-hour claims hotline at 1.888.671.2442 or by contacting your agent.

We will open a claim file and assign you a claim number for tracking purposes. An adjuster will contact you about your claim within 24 hours and will be able to answer any specific questions you have at that time. Depending on the type of claim and your needs, Access Home Insurance may arrange for emergency services to be performed by one of our approved providers.

4. Prepare for your adjuster’s visit.

Make a list of damaged items. If possible, take pictures or videos of any damage to your home or possessions. If you have to pay for any emergency repairs or temporary living arrangements, save receipts to show to your adjuster.

5. Keep your mortgage company informed.

Mortgage lenders require their name to be listed on the homeowners policy since they have a financial interest in your property. They will also be listed as a payee on any claims settlement checks issued. Verify that your policy reflects accurate and up-to-date mortgage company information. Also, contact your mortgage company to see how they handle endorsement of the claims settlement check. Some lenders may require you to endorse the check and send it to them before they will endorse it and allow funds to be released to you. .

6. What if I am not satisfied with my settlement amount?

Contact your adjuster so that he can work with you to resolve any issues. If necessary, a re-inspection of the property may be performed.

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